Crime Scene Cleanup Atlanta

Looking for crime scene cleanup service in Atlanta? Let’s first describe what this kind of services are. Have you ever thought where the unrecognized and unidentified dead bodies go after a crime is committed? Or did you realize that a sedan that met with an accident while you were on the highway was no more there while you returned from your journey after some time?

There are scientifically and emotionally trained people who take care of the cleaning and tidying of crime spots – crime scene cleanup services.


Coming across a bloodshed area is one of the most horrible experiences for anyone. Isn’t it? However, there are some people who have to go through such experiences to earn their living. Crime scene cleanup services are delivered at places where crimes are committed. As the name suggests, people working for such companies are there to make the bloodshed areas clean and tidy.

Crime scene cleanup services are not limited to cleaning the blood that is on the floor. However, a company providing these cleanup facilities has a list of services to be offered to customers.

Crime & Homicide Scene Cleanup

The sight of a body lying in front of you can be the worst thing to experience. The criminal kills the person and he’s gone. The relatives visit your place to show condolence, the police come to you for interrogation and investigation purpose, neighbors visit you for a while and then you are left all alone.

That’s such a painful moment that you can hardly think of cleaning the blood on the floor. This is where crime scene cleanup services can help you. The staff members are trained enough to handle the situation and do their work.

Trauma & Suicide Cleanup

Suicide cases are frequently increasing worldwide. Whether it is your kid’s failure in examination or someone’s failing love or marital life, most people find it easy to take their own lives and leave their loved ones mourning for the rest of their life.

If anyone you know is crying on the loss of a loved one or trying to get over the trauma, you can call crime scene cleanup services professionals to handle the cleaning process.

Unattended Dead Body Removal

One of the most common instances where crime cleanup services become most significant is in the case of unattended dead body removal. This is due to the fact that there are several people across the world that are alone. Moreover, there are several homicide cases where a person is left to die on the streets or in an isolated area.

Such people may have a close relative but due to lack of identification proof, they are declared unidentified bodies. Crime cleanup services for unattended dead body removal come in handy here.

Blood Cleanup

The loss of someone you have been together with for a long period of time is often unfathomable. In that case, seeing the dead body lying in front of you in a pool of its own blood is the worst thing to happen. However, you can always call on crime scene cleanup services to ensure immediate cleaning of the space.

Such a call, however, is normally made by a person visiting you in the time of grief as being the grieving one; you may not be in a position to call the service providers yourself. If you find yourself in the thick of things as a visitor, it becomes your duty to call the cleanup service providers.

Industrial Accidents

It is not only in the streets or in the residential areas where people die. There are workers who fall victim to machinery-driven accidents at workplaces or industrial areas. Crime scene cleanup services help employers by ensuring the work place is restored to its former condition before the accident occurred.

Whether a worker dies or simply gets hospitalized, it is imperative that the place is cleaned as soon as possible so that the rest of the workforce continues with their duties unperturbed. The cleanup service providers apply scientific approaches to deal with specific cases given to the need of the hour.

Tear Gas Removal

There have been various instances where people use tear gas to harm themselves. In such case, if victims are caught at the right time, they are admitted to hospitals for further treatment. People don’t even realize how dangerous the remains of the tear gas could be for them in future. Tear gas removal services from the crime cleanup department facilitate homeowners and enable them to get rid of the harmful gas. Its presence in the premises, whether professional or personal, can lead to severe health hazards.

Moreover, there are cases where law enforcement officials may use tear gas to subdue individuals in cases of civil insurrection or other socially volatile situations. Crime scene cleanup services also serve to be of great help in such situations.

Hoarder Cleanup

Hoarding has never been considered a serious issue until the media focused on it. Hoarding refers to the large mounds of material that are stored and not discarded from time to time. People often label a room as the store room and stuff it with unnecessary items. This accumulation of materials leads to the growth of molds and bacteria in houses.

This is an issue as the removal of hoarding could prompt some health risks to homeowners. This is where crime scene cleanup services come into focus. The service providers are skilled with the right know-how hence they can handle a hoarder house. Take help and be safe.

Biohazard Removal & Remediation

After cleaning all the blood from the crime spot, it is expected that there is no longer anything harmful present in that particular area. But that’s not true. Even after cleaning up of the spot, there are still some biohazard wastes present. Crime scene cleanup services focus on the removal of these hazardous elements from the environment and also ensure remediation at the same time.

Crime scene cleanup service providers have standard tools for conducting the containment, cleaning and disinfection procedures. The professionals are strictly skilled to ensure safety standards are adhered to, so that people living in the surroundings are assured of quality services in handling biohazard removal.

Vehicle/Car Accident Clean Up

Highways are prone to truck and car accidents. Of course, these mishaps cause trouble to the lives of passengers and drivers, who might also die in the accidents.

Additionally, there are vehicles that are destructed during the mishaps. Watch this documentary video about crime scene and trauma scene cleanup for more information. With quality crime scene cleanup services, it becomes possible those sedans are towed properly and the highways are brought to a stable condition once again. Click here to see which areas in Atlanta, Georgia we serve.